Things I Can't Tell You

Art Project


About the Work

Video Installation
25 Minutes, Digital

Things I Can’t Tell You is a video loop of two human bodies ablaze, falling toward one another. The two figures reach for contact but fall short and are pulled away. This motion repeats as the bodies again come close, and almost touch before being pulled away.

Things I Can’t Tell You explores the notions of transformation, urgency, and connection. Contrasting the urgency of an intense burning with a decelerated pace, the imagery moves between terrifying and seductive, horrific and meditative.

The images were recorded live. The artist was set on fire and performed a 30 foot a wire-assisted jump, which was recorded at over 1000 frames per second in order to achieve the decelerated pace of the final piece.

Solo Exhibition, Things I Can’t Tell YouRobert Kananaj Gallery 2016
Group Exhibition, Darkness at The Edge, Propeller Gallery 2014



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