Portrait as a Random Act of Violence - Sculpture

Art Project

About the Work

Wood, Glass, Wire

In Portrait As a Random Act of Violence a life-size figure stands in front of a shelter of wood and smashed out windows. The figure is made from the broken glass, pulled up by wires that are kept in position by a hanging cinder block that is, presumably, responsible for smashing the windows in the first place. Its form is held in balance with the weapon that created it. And while the figure is frail and delicate, it is by no means weak. Because of its intricate construction, it is impressive and becomes the focus of the work. There is no clear victim here. Instead, Okita strikes a balance between violence and its aftermath, providing space for the viewer to consider violence and how it operates.

Solo Exhibition, Things I Can’t Tell You, Robert Kananaj Gallery, 2016



Portrait-Sculpture---Still3Portrait-Sculpture - Still4 Portrait-Sculpture - Still2 Portrait-Sculpture - Still1