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Press Release:

Little Film Gets Big Response

Vancouver, Canada – August 29, 2008 – Vancouver director Randall Okita’s inventive and exquisitely choreographed film, Machine with Wishbone, is meeting great success on the film festival circuit and Okita is pleased to have the film’s next screening at the prestigious 2008 Toronto International Film Festival.

A creative coming together of kinetic sculpture and boundless imagination, Okita showcases the work of kinetic sculptors Arthur Ganson and Alan Storey in his dreamscape tale of a mechanical wishbone’s adventure through a world of snoring beds, paper birds and places you have to see to believe. Employing a multi-media approach, Okita exploits the mediums of photography, video, sculpture and music to evoke an emotional journey.

“After encountering the art of Arthur Ganson, I was totally captured by it,” says Okita, “and unable to get his work out of my mind.” Although the two artists have never met, Okita approached Ganson and gained the sculptor’s support. Okita’s challenge was to create a setting where Ganson’s many creations of kinetic sculpture could exist together in a world of their own.

The star of Okita’s film, Machine with Wishbone, like Ganson’s other sculptures, is created out of hand-bent gears and delicately welded coils, with a ‘drive chain’ consisting of a piece of string with knots tied at precise places. It is a work of love and detail that carries an inspiring and mystifying theme to the film.

“The film is about possibilities,” says Okita. “We have all had moments when an imaginative toy, or a bit of mechanical wizardry has left us with the impression that we have just witnessed the impossible.” Beautifully choreographed live-action cinematography, coupled with the magical movement of the kinetic sculptures, create an enchanting effect that has the film constantly mistaken for, and even programmed as, animation.

Having won a Golden Sheaf Award at the Yorkton Short Film & Video Festival, an Audience Choice Award at the Brooklyn International Film Festival, Best Experimental Film at the Winnipeg International Film Festival and a nomination for Best Musical Score in a Short Drama at the 2008 Leo Awards, Machine with Wishbone was also selected to open the competition at CFC’s Worldwide Short Film Festival. To-date Machine with Wishbone has been invited to screen at a number of additional festivals, including: the Toronto International Film Festival, the Atlantic Film Festival, the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, the Vancouver International Film Festival, Montreal’s Festival Nouveau Cinéma and the Whistler Film Festival.

Machine with Wishbone was written and directed by Randall Okita, employing the artistic works of Arthur Ganson and Alan Storey and was produced by Randall Okita, Tovah Paglaro and Amber Woodward and executive produced by Elizabeth Levine. Machine with Wishbone was made with the support of Bravo!FACT, British Columbia Arts Council and The National Film Board of Canada.


Amber Woodward